Weekly Videos

The weekly videos were a way for the professors to not only discuss in-depth the week’s assignments and their specifics, but also include narrative arcs through characters’ interactions and surprise appearances. Often the occurrences in this videos fueled responses from the students’ characters and allowed for creative expansion throughout the semester.

Week 1

The first video gave the students an introduction to the class as well as the professors’ characters that they would be interacting with.

Week 2

The second week was a continuation of the character building, which worked well with the introductory part of the semester.

Week 3

Maggie Black was absent and in her place NoirCat made its debut.

Week 4

This video began the first moves to pull student characters into the mix. In this episode, the professors discussed El Jota’s wanted poster for Paul Bond as well as who this character might be.

Week 5

This video included Jim Groom being held hostage by a mysterious Russian Man and the appearance of El Jota. Maggie Black left the video at the end to take a suspicious phone call from the ever elusive Jack.

Week 6

El Jota took Maggie Black’s place in this video as Black had decided she needed a break from the internet. Jim Groom also reported having no memory of his time in Los Angeles or the supposed kidnapping and torture that he experienced from the mysterious Russian Man.

Week 7

Maggie Black continued her absence from the Internet. Martha Burtis continued to pry into Jim Groom’s trip to Los Angeles. The professors also highlighted some exemplary work by students in the class.

Week 8

Following Spring Break, Paul Bond and Jim Groom did the video while Maggie Black continued her break from the internet and Martha Burtis was out in the field.

Week 9

This video prompted the paranoia and wariness meant to emerge in the latter half of Noir106. Maggie Black’s absence received a great deal of interrogation from her co-workers. The professors also discussed some of the strange happenings related to the student characters that emerged in the radio shows.

Week 10

The professors continued to place their focus on the students’ work and the surprising interactions occurring between characters.

Week 11

With Paul Bond out in the field, the remaining three members of the agency offered insight into where they would be headed for the rest of Noir106.

Weeks 12 & 13

The professors explained the case assignment and requirements as well as what the cases were about.

Week 14 & 15

Burtis, Bond, & Groom deliver the final assignment to the students.

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