Dispatch from the Dark

Bond, the most mysterious of the professors in Noir106, offered little insight into his life outside of the online classroom, but did offer up solid advice to his students in his videos.

Week 1

Bond gives feedback on setting things up in the first week of Noir106

Week 2

Bond addresses the email from the Concerned Student.

Week 3

Bond mentions Black’s absence and then highlights good work that his students have been doing.

Week 4

Bond talks about how his students are doing and gives a tutorial on Audacity that includes an intercepted phone call between Burtis and Groom.

Week 5

Bond talks about the Vignelli Canon and design.

Week 7

Bond gives advice on the radio shows and his video has some mysterious interruptions.

Week 9

Bond talks about some of the strange happenings in Noir106. Oh, and be aware of poisonous oreos.

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