Stella Vaughn

Biography: Stella was born in Centralia, PA. A small town which was evacuated in 1981 after a fire had been burning in the mines for almost 20 years. Stella had been forced out at age 10. Her mother and father died when the street convaed under their house — Stella stood in the street watching as her parents frantically ran around trying to gather their belongings. It wasn’t until after the fact when she finally went to authorities to explain what happened. She moved to Chicago in which she was immediately adopted by a family, whom she no longer stays in contact with. She went to college, did all of the “normal” mundane necessities and finally became a psychologist. Peoples’ minds intrigued her. She met her husband when he came in as a client who recently lost his wife.

One thing you should know about Stells….she is a sociopath. You would think as a psychologist she would want to help people, but the inner workings behind peoples’ demons are what invoke her fancy. Her husband has no idea. She is the ultimate deception. Learn more about Stella here.

Agency: No Stain No Problem

Twitter: @stellsvaughn

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