Sasha Kellogg

Biography: Sasha Kellogg is heiress to the Kellogg family fortune. She grew up in luxury, but a crazy killer (jealous of their money) killed her mother, father, and younger sister when she was 10. She escaped by climbing through a small window of the house (where the broken glass cut her arm) and hiding under the porch until he left. When she was 18 there was another attempt at her life, so she decided to leave the company in the hands of its vice president and go into hiding. She moved to San Fransisco and started working as a secretary (even though she is incredibly smart), fearful that there will be another, more successful, assassination attempt. She is sweet and kind-hearted, but life has taught her to be cynical (and carry a gun). She is beautiful, but fearful of a relationship where she may end up blackmailed for money, or dead. Read more about her here.

Agency: The Steadfast Sleuths

Twitter: @SashaKellogg

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