Layla Arkwood

Biography: As the daughter of one of the United States’ most notorious crime lords, Layla knows she’s powerful. No one speaks to her father without going through her and she is never easily persuaded. She’s beyond beautiful and she knows that too. She’s had a string of lovers that have never lasted long or have ever been revisited (except for Marcus but that is a story for another time). She uses her beauty to her advantage, seducing and manipulating others to do her dirty work. However, she’s never against doing things herself. While her father is well known, only a few actually get to put a face to her name so she is able to gather information much more easily than others. Calm, levelheaded and almost never surprised, Layla never lets known how much she actually knows so people are always guessing around her. She is the epitome of a femme fatale. That is until Marcus is thrown into the mix (which is again a story for another time). Read more about Layla’s life here.

Agency: The Winter Association

Twitter: @LaylaArkwood

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