Lawrence Spitler

Biography: Lawrence grew up in a nice middle class family. He had one much older brother (15 years) whom he never met. His parents said he ran away when Lawrence was still a baby. His father (Jack Spitler)was a military man and his mother (Patricia Spitler) was a kind woman who did what she could to keep the house under control while her husband was away. She worked as a co-manager of the local hardware store. Lawrence was very popular at school and always went out fishing and especially hunting with his friends, he was a hell of a shot, that’s how he got the nickname Bullet. He did well in elementary and middle school but high school changed him. When Jack came back for a break from being away, he found his Patricia in bed with the other co-manager of the hardware store and it ripped the family apart (Bullet was a freshman in high school). Shortly after, his father retired from the military and Bullet went to live with him for a few years until he could get out on his own, at least that’s what he planned. His barely ever saw Jack and when he did he was completely wasted with another woman he brought home from the bar, it was a different woman each time he saw him. Seeing this at such a young age is what made the change in Lawrence. He got mixed in with the wrong people at school and got into drinking and doing drugs. He tried to have sex with any woman he saw because that’s what his father showed him was okay. About a year after the divorce Jack passed away in a car accident where he drank and drove. He tried to contact his mother but she wanted nothing to do with him saying he abandoned her when he went to live with his Dad. He was all alone at the age of 17, his emotions almost non-existent at that point, and got into business with bad people. Now he’s 32 and still doing the same business but at a bigger and more dangerous scale, of what sorts though, is need to know. He has never married or even dated really. He’s just gotten girls to have sex with him and then thats all. He doesn’t know how to love and doesn’t try, he thinks it’s pointless and will just end up in heartbreak. He guards himself from people but on the inside he is really just waiting for someone who will be able to open the gate to his heart. He believes the world is a bad place but deep down inside of him he wants there to be some good in the world, too. There’s more bad than good in his life and he doesn’t try to change that. Read more about him here.

Agency: Hit Me

Twitter: @LawrenceSpitler

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