Julia “Jewel” James

Biography: Julia is the only child of a powerful Chicago attorney, Jonathan James, and his “trophy wife”, Claire. From birth, “Jewel” was fed with a “silver spoon”. She attended one of the best private schools in Chicago from kindergarten through high school. Claire constantly warned Julia of the drawbacks associated with being beautiful and stressed that academics be her priority. The dutiful daughter listened and, as a result, was accepted into Harvard and planned to attend its law school upon graduation, when her life changed drastically. Jonathan and Claire divorced because Claire was tired of being treated as her husband’s property. The pre-nuptial agreement was so iron-clad, though, that Claire received little monetary support and could not afford Harvard, as a result. Jonathan believed that Julia would marry quickly after high school anyway and would have a husband in charge of her life, so he refused to pay for college. He did offer her a position at his law firm as a secretary in the interim because his partner, Mr. Allman, needed, “a pretty face to attract new clients”. Julia accepted the position out of necessity but has made a point to learn a lot about the cases, especially those related to domestic issues. Read more about her here.

Agency: Black Widow Agency

Twitter: @OneBrightJewel

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