John Braddock

Biography: John Braddock grew up in the back woods and valleys of the Virginia Blue Ridge. He drinks hard, is handy with a knife or a wrench, and has come to the city looking for work as an auto mechanic, or anything, really. He had a disagreement with the meth runners back home, which cost him his house and his wife, and now he’s sort of adrift. He’s trying to start a new life, without drawing too much attention to himself, but it’s hard. He’s got nothing and no one, just trying to find something to hold onto, like that old John Prine song. He’s tough and capable, and clever too, but he hides it well. Everyone dismisses him as an ignorant bumpkin, and he takes no pains to correct that view. He’s got a strong sense of right and wrong, but look where that got him. Maybe there is no right and wrong, only power and survival. Maybe there’s nothing at all. Give him another shot’o whiskey, hell, better make that four. Read more about his life here.

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