Jack Spencer

Biography:¬†Jack Spencer, Spence, was born to Lina Floretti and John Spencer in December of 1983, the coldest December on record for the windy city. Spence was raised primarily by his mother in the city’s notorious South Side neighborhood of Englewood after his father left them in 1986 to pursue his music career. His mother, a house maid in the city’s North Side, struggled to provide for her son for years until she met the wealthy investment banker, Charles Vanderbilt, who she worked for until he proposed in January of 1994 and married her later that same year. After his mother and Charles were wed, Charles moved Spence and his mother to the Magnificent Mile within Chicago’s Gold Cost, the nicest part of the city. Spence lived there with Charles and his mother till he left home at 17, never finishing high school. He spent a few years traveling, mainly on the west coast, working odd labor jobs until he met the famously wealthy Sebastian Bass, who would become his life-long friend. At age 23, Spence and Sebastian started their own internet stock company, The Highland Corporation. The company took off immediately, bringing Spence into wealth of his own making. Two years later in April of 2008 Spence moved back to Chicago with Sebastian upon finding out his mother had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She passed five months later. During his last five months with his mother, Spence developed a romance with his mother’s nurse, Annabel Patterson. Annabel came from a long line of wealthy plantation owners from the south. She had moved to Chicago only a year prior to meeting Spence after completing medical school. Spence, desperate to hold on to his last memories of his mother, rushed into marriage with Annabel only six months after his mother passed. The two moved to the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood where they still reside today. They don’t have the happiest marriage. Both Annabel, now a full time emergency room nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Spence, operating The Highland Corporations Chicago headquarters, both spend more time on their jobs than they do on their marriage. Spence, still haunted by his mother’s memory, begins having an affair with the beautiful Serafina Kydd, a receptionist at his company’s Chicago headquarters. When he is not at work, Spence is often found at the corner bar, Maverick’s, drinking a scotch and reading transcendentalist novels. Learn more about his life here.

Agency: House of Noir Getaways

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