Jack Settig Neff

Biography: Jack is a journeyman aspiring mystery novelist who has never been published. Born in Long Island, NY, he now lives in a rundown apartment in New York City on the outskirts of the Bronx. In the mornings, Jack works at the local grocery store, blindly going through his days in order to make ends meet. At night, Jack dons his trench coat, grabs some cigarettes and heads off onto the streets to do “research” for his mystery novels. Tired of hearing that his characters are colorless, or, as one publisher put it, “wooden as brooms,” Jack experiments by “becoming” his new novel hero during his nightly walkabouts. When Jack dons the trench coat, he’s no longer Jack Neff, he’s J.J Bickle, retired ace cop who can’t stand to see his city becoming overgrown with filth and scum. A heavy alcoholic, when Jack returns from his day job, the scotch begins flowing, fueling his transformation. He journals throughout his nights, living out mysteries that slowly begin to blur the line between fiction and reality. Read more about him here.

Agency: F.O.M. Talent Agency

Twitter: @Jack_S_Neff

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