Jack Sadler

Biography: Jack was born on his parents farm in Lincoln Illinois on December 28, 1918. He was an only child at the time and his parents were still quite young. His father had inherited the farm from his father and had spent the majority of his life working there and Jack was expected to do the same. Jack attended the local school the days he could but regularly missed classes to stay home and help his parents on the farm. This made friendships a bit difficult growing up and Jack never really kept any childhood friends. Jack got tired of life on the farm and packed his bags and moved out at age 19. Jack had almost no money but managed to get himself to Chicago where he found a job at a bar. He worked there as a dish washer and eventually a bartender for quite a few years. When Jack was 25 years old his mother died of a terrible flu. He went back out to the farm for the funeral but hasn’t been back since. Jack’s now 30 years old and saved up enough money to buy the bar he had been working out for over ten years. The bar wasn’t the nicest joint in town but it was good enough for him. It had two rooms upstairs, one that he made his bedroom and one that he made his office. He had starting doing a bit of PI work a few years back and now considers it his job of choice, though he certainly wasn’t the best at it. Jack now spends his time drinking in the bar and waiting for PI work. Read more about his life here.

Agency: No Stain No Problem

Twitter: @JackSadler12

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