Harvey Hait

Biography: Harvey Hait hails from a good ‘ol American town on the East side of the heartland. Working for the military as a young man broadened his horizons that gave him the idea to escape his hometown at 16. He would be swept up into a traveling salesmen lifestyle. He started off with chemicals for housewives and found himself ran out of towns by aggravated husbands. After being a bum for years experimenting with drugs and dead end jobs he cleaned himself up and hit the salesman route again. Harvey met a range of personalities across the country and adapted each one as best he could. He gained an understanding of what drove certain individuals. He went from chemicals to computers all the way from New England to California. He moved from sales to Headhunting but his distain for the capitalist culture grew deep as he continued to experiment throughout his life. When he couldn’t run away any longer he settled on a small piece of land, which was expensive at the time but turned out to be a good investment due to the explosion in the California wine industry in the 70’s. He had numerous offers that only went up one after another and he decided to take on a partner rather than sell the land. He relied on his partner to produce quality vino while he applied his knowledge of people towards sales and distribution. Learn more about him here.

Twitter: @HarveyHait

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