Gambino DeLuca

Biography: Standing at 5′ 9″ and 176lbs, Gambino is the baddest dude around. He’s not one to take s*** and he’s all business. You will never see Gambino without a glass of scotch and either a cigarette or a nice, fat, cigar. He has a few brothers and other family members under his wing and Gambino rules the mafia world. You treat Gambino with respect and if not, you are not going to last long. Gambino loves his guns and money and no one is going to change that. To say the women love him is certainly an understatement. Gambino does not have a great number of acquaintances and the ones he does have are very close to him. Read more about his life here.

Agency: DeLuca Firm

Twitter: @bchristi_1361

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