El Jota Dinero

Biography: One thing for sure, Jota has a dream. He has a desire of owning his own multi-million dollar estate with a supermodel wife, driving a red Ferrari 458 around town. Born and raised in one of the party capitals of America, Miami Fl, Jota knows how to boogie like no other. As a 25 year old college graduate, he is taking his chances by opening his own nightclub. His posh grandma is in love with the idea and decided to help fund the business. He also has the brains on how to get it done. Graduating at the top of his class with a degree in Business Management from Miami, Jota has it all.
Jota knows its gonna take a lot of hard work to get his club world known, but he is willing to do what ever it takes… 
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Agency: Love Finda

Twitter: @eljotadinero

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