Claudia Rose

Biography: Claudia Rose has lived in New York City her entire life. Claudia’s father left right after she was born and has lived with her mother ever since. Claudia’s mother is a “gold digger” and works as a float at law offices, doctor’s offices, etc. Her mother dates very rich men, long enough to gain their trust, take their money, and move to the next. Claudia grew up moving around a lot to move in with her mother’s new boyfriend. At 16, Claudia was caught having sex with her mother’s boyfriend by her mother. She was kicked out of the house. She began waitressing at high-end restaurants to meet men, sleeping wherever she could, and stealing designer clothes. She began following in her mother’s footsteps. Claudia met her husband at the restaurant she worked at, He was 50 when they met and she was 18. He owned a chain of hotels on the upper east side. They quickly married and moved into his Central Park Apartment. While her husband was at work all day, Claudia was seeing the milk man that delivered at 1pm every thursday. After years of them sneaking around, the milk man got tired of hiding his relationship with Claudia. They devised a plan to kill Claudia’s husband “accidentally” by lacing the week’s milk with peanut butter because he was highly allergic. That way Claudia could still keep her husband’s money and her boyfriend. Their plan was working perfectly until the police found the milk bottles in the trashcan of their apartment and began to dig deeper. Find out more about her here.

Agency: The Rose Garden

Twitter: @noirclaudia

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