Blair Morgan

Biography: Blair Morgan was born Luella James on September 13, 1939 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Jesse and Genevieve James. Her father was a Vice Admiral in the US Navy, and her mother was a nurse. She was an only child and they considered her a miracle. However, her father was killed during the bombings of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 when Blair was just 2 years old. Her mother could not stand staying in Hawaii alone. 6 months later, she committed suicide. Blair was sent to live with her Aunt Katherine in Rhode Island, but she was quickly put into an orphanage when her Aunt decided to run off with the pastor. Since she was so young, she was quickly adopted and given the name Blair Morgan by her adoptive parents Lawrence and Lily Morgan. Lawrence was a real estate agent and Lily was a wedding planner in New York City. They seemed to live a perfect little life, but they never told Blair that she was adopted. When Blair turned 21, she was in a car accident and needed a blood transfusion. When both of her parents ended up not being matches, Blair was furious. They ended up telling her what really happened. When she left the hospital, she got on a bus and left town, never speaking to Lawrence and Lily again. She settled down in Leighton, Alabama where she met her husband Charles. They wed 6 months after their first date, and had their first child 9 months later. 7 years of marriage, 5 children, and 3 mistresses later, she couldn’t take it anymore. She ended up drowning her husband in their pool, claiming he “fell in.” The death was ruled to be accidental, and she and the children packed up and moved to Detroit, Michigan where she picked up work as a crime scene cleaner. Learn more about her life here.

Agency: No Stain No Problem

Twitter: @whatupBLAIR

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