Bev DesRochers

Biography: Born in 82, I lived a basic life. My parents got along great, but my dad always wanted me to be better than I was. That was hard, because I got good grades, never got in trouble, and always strived for greatness. But it just wasn’t enough you know. I used to think that just made him a bad dad, but now I know that it mad me what I am today and made me as successful as I am. Anyways, after growing up in Cali most of my life, I never liked the west coast. It was too slow for me. I wanted to run the world. So I left when I turned 16. That’s when I graduated from high school (probably has something to do with the daddy problems). I went to Columbia and studied criminal justice, because I wanted to do the right thing and be a public defender, but then I decided to go to Harvard for Law School, and ended up getting a degree in International Politics. Some people say I come from old money, but I don’t think they know what old money even is. I’m pretty much on my own out here on my own money. After school, I moved to DC and started working in a congressman’s office. I’m a dem but I started working for a republican and that’s when I realized I could change the world. After a couple of years there I made some connections and ended up in the DOD. Which is where I work now. What I do is kind of irrelevant. My job title is the Executive Asisstant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense, but I don’t do that. That’s just what I say. Let’s just say…I’m still a strong believer in criminal justice or justice in general. What else is there to know? I don’t really have anyone special in my life. My mom died when I turned twenty from cancer, my dad still lives out in Anaheim and we talk once a week. I go visit for Christmas. I have a boyfriend. His name is Daniel. Nothing special about him. We should probably talk about getting married soon, but I have better things to do. But that’s it. That’s me. Read more about her here.

Agency: Fast Travels, Inc.

Twitter: @bevbevbevd

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