Andrea May Carr

Andrea Carr

Andrea Carr

You can access an interview with her here.

Biography: Andy was married to the love of her life, but recently lost him after a horrible polo accident. Once very rich, she sinks into poverty after she realizes her husband’s wealth was no longer the flowing brooke that it once was. Her husband was a gambler, and lost all of his money to his best friend a few days before his death. She has 3 children with her ex-husband, 2 boys and 1 girl. The two boys names are Harvey and James, and her daughter’s name is Ivy. She struggles to pay the bills in her seedy apartment, and cannot adequately feed her family as she has been fired from her previous job on account of her husband’s actions. She struggles as a waitress during the day and a nurse at night. Learn more about her here.

Agency: Don Dirt Cheap

Twitter: @AndreaMayCarr

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