The final unit of Noir106 required the agencies to solve one of four cases randomly assigned to them. Information on the cases was provided through videos made by either Burtis, Bond, Black, or Groom. On the Noir106 Website, agencies could find the videos for the cases as well as additional files pertaining to the cases.

To solve the case, the agencies were given two weeks to construct a narrative surrounding the solving of the case which they would tell through one primary medium (video, audio, photography portfolio, design portfolio, or website), three secondary media (video, audio, photography, design, web, etc.), and regular social media posts. Bond, Burtis, Black, & Groom also expected two updates per week on the agency’s progress.

To learn more about each case, explore the directory below.


From Russia with Love ~ Meowdred Pierce ~ Night Driver ~ You Don’t Know Jack

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