In preparation for the final unit of the semester, students were asked to form agencies, either solo or in a group. Group work was encouraged as it would make for less work, but many students opted to work solo as it took away the complexities of coordinating with others or it better suited their character’s personality. Some of the students who chose to work solo created other characters who also worked at the agency.

Upon forming their agencies, students were asked to create a new website for their agency and provide contact information, a contact form, information about the staff, and create a narrative around the agency’s origin.

To learn more about the agencies of Noir106, explore the directory below.


Aconitum Napellus // Aquia Maxius // Backdoor PI

Barrow Gang // Black Widow Agency // Bridgewater Investigations

Burtis, Bond, Black, & Groom // The Darkening Agency

DeLuca Firm // Don Dirt Cheap // Fast Travels, Inc.

 F.O.M. Talent Agency // The Freedom Fighters Agency (FFA)

Headline Crime // Hit Me // House of Noir Getaways

JBrown’s Law Agency // League of Outlaws // Love Finda // The Mafia

 The Nicolette Scott Agency // Noir Illusions Agency

No Stain No Problem // O.L.D. Agency // The Rose Garden

Sardic Investigations // Silk Road // Sparkling

 The Steadfast Sleuths // Stirrup Trouble // The Tune Squad Agency

 Vixen’s Ventures // The Winter Association // 2badassdudes

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