The Spring 2015 semester of UMW’s Digital Storytelling class, affectionately known by many as “DS106,” included a transmedia narrative underscoring the class experience. The creation and implementation of this project was part of Maggie Stough’s independent study investigating the effectiveness of engaging with and producing a transmedia narrative as a teaching tool.

The class was led by Martha Burtis, Jim Groom, and Paul Bond. Maggie Stough served as an assistant to the class. Each of them interacted with students as noir-themed characters based off of themselves. They produced videos, blog posts, and tweets to narrate the strange happenings in and around Noir106.

Students created and developed their own noir-themed characters. In the second half of the semester, they adopted their character’s identity fully and produced narrative driven creative work through a variety of digital platforms and engaged with each other through a variety of assignments and social media, ultimately creating and producing their own transmedia narratives.

This website is an archive of the world of Noir106, highlighting the integral platforms for communication, interaction, and storytelling amongst the characters and agencies developed over the span of the semester.

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